Tianmeng Tourist Area

        Yimeng Mountain Tourist Area is now a national AAAAA tourist area, a national forest park, a national geological park, a national water conservancy park and a provincial level tourist attraction. 




        Located in the east of Yimeng Mountains, Yimeng Mountain Inzone Tianmeng Tourist Area is the core scenic area and an important part of Yimeng Mountain Tourist Area. The total planned area of Tianmeng tourist area is 240 square kilometers with a core area of 96 square kilometers. It is a large cultural and ecological tourist resort integrating mountain ecological tourism, sport tourism, folk custom and culture experience, ecological agriculture tourism and leisure and holiday travel. This is not only an old red revolutionary area, a place where the well-known folk song of Shandong ( Yimeng Mountain Canzonet) was born, but also a place where the culture of eastern minority ethnic groups is originated and a core area where such groups live. It boasts such scenic spots as Yimeng Mountain Canzonet Living Museum, World's First Pedestrian Suspension Bridge, First Cultural Plank Road along Cliff in the North of the Yangtze River, Wanghai Tower (Sea-viewing Tower), Palace of Jade Emperor, Glass Viewing Platform at Mountain Ta.




Scenic spot introduction

1.Yimeng Mountain Canzonet Living Museum


        Yimeng Mountain Canzonet is a well-known folk song in Shandong. It was rated by UNESCO as an excellent folk song of China together with Jasmine Flower and is well-known both in China and abroad. It was born in White Stone Village, Xuezhuang Township, Fei County that lies at the foot of Wanghai Tower in Yimeng Mountain. Its predecessor was Against Yellow Sand Society which was created by Li Lin, who was then head of the senior editor office of the song and dance ensemble of the first branch campus of the Anti-Japanese Political and Military University of the Chinese People, and Ruan Ruoshan, an ensemble member, according to local tune of Huagu.



        Relying on the birthplace of the canzonet of Yimeng Mountain, Yimeng Mountain Canzonet Living Museum focuses on restoring the scene when the song and dance ensemble of the first branch campus of the Anti-Japanese Political and Military University of the Chinese People lived there in 1940 and also the scene of ancient villages in Yimeng Mountain for the purpose of showing culture and making the travelers experience the life there. The museum mainly consists of Memorial of Yimeng Mountain Canzonet, Yimeng Spirit Museum, Yimeng History Museum, Yimeng Customs Museum, Yimeng Local Specialties Museum, Yimeng Sound Museum, Yimeng Taste Museum and Yimeng People, etc. It depends on the threshing ground in the west of the village and stage a primitive performance.


2.Access to the Yimeng Mountain Canzonet Museum and access to Gourd Cliff


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